Purchase 3 Boxes of NutriFuel® Soluble Multivitamin Oral Powder in Daily Dose Sachets and receive our proprietary NutriFuel® ‘On the Go’ Shaker absolutely FREE enabling you to sip your daily multivitamins at your own pace and at the same time hydrate with water as you go about your busy life. Your ‘On the Go’ Shaker Incorporates a Stainless Steel ‘mixer’ device which facilitates an optimal mix of your NutriFuel® multivitamins and multiminerals to ensure you get all the goodness you need with the ability to dilute the taste to your desired preference. You can even add ice to the water or unsweetened juice to make your NutriFuel® cocktail a morning treat. It’s the easiest way to hydrate and get the supplementation you need to keep you healthy and energised.

Order Direct from this website or from our Dietitian Partners or your local Pharmacy (see website for details) or phone 07 3806 7866 (M-F 10am to 4pm)

NutriFuel® Shaker