Nutristar Solutions Philosophy


NutriFuel®, NutriFuel Plus ® Soluble Powders and NutriChew® Chewable MultiVitamin & MultiMineral tablets were crafted with the consumer in mind, not the company that makes it.  


The reason for this is that the people  who designed and created our iconic range are consumers of the product too and they want what you want - all the goodness with a great taste without the fillers - just honest to goodness Vitamins, Minerals and Anti

Oxidants that live up to their claims. 

  • No Magic Herbs

  • No fizzy effervescent

  • No Bulk 'fillers'

  • No Gimmicks

  • Certified Gluten Free


Take a look at our list of 27 Active Ingredients and compare them to your current Multivitamin.


But please don't take our word for it, 

discuss the differences with your Pharmacist,  Dietitian, Nutritionist or GP and get a professional view.


Ever gagged when you tried to swallow a huge multivitamin pill fit for a horse?


Ever felt sick or vomited after taking a multivitamin supplement?


Ever turned your nose up because of the yucky smell from a bottle of tablets?


You're not alone. 

Some of our NutriFuel Plus ® Soluble Powders and NutriChew® Chewable MultiVitamin/MultiMineral/Antioxidant supplement customers tell a similar story from experience with other products. That's one of the reasons why Capsules and Soft Gell Caps were developed  - so you didn't have to taste what you were trying to swallow.  


Our philosophy is that digesting a capsule or Gel  tablet of any kind which your gut has to work hard to process is can't be good for you.


With all our products, our approach is to embrace the taste profile, work with it, nurture it and develop solutions that have been tested on real people of all ages until the taste was the "truly acceptable" and one that our testers say they would be comfortable taking every day.  

That's why we support our product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't like it for whatever reason.  


Unlike most multivitamin manufacturers our company isn't a big multinational making a whole range of vitamin supplements.  


Our focus is solely on  'once a day' Multivitamin, Multimineral and Anti Oxidant Supplements and not in convincing you to buy 3 or 4 or more bottles of pills.  That's expensive and who wants to be popping handfuls of pills every single day! 


Our focus has always been to develop technologies with innovative formulas that put everything you need in the one easy to take 'delivery dose'.  

In reality, however, the more 'goodies' you put into a daily delivery dose to insure you get the correct amount for your bodies needs, the bulkier the 'delivery dose' gets.  


Our proprietary solution was to turn our Vitamin/Mineral/AntiOxidant formula into a water-soluble powder or a chewable tablet so you get all the 'good stuff' and none of the bad all in one east to take a daily dose.

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